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R&D – F&D

Ultra Modern Research Center

Roselabs has set up a state-of-the-art research center that has facilities to convert any formulation into a novel drug delivery system that promises targeted and more efficient action. Our center can offer a huge range of services with rigorous QA functions and excellent standardized testing equipment. More than 55 scientists and researchers are deployed for intense R & D. More than 270 IP formulations have tested for biocompatibility till date.

 Some of the numerous tests done for biocompatibility in our Research & Development Centre include:

  • Chemical testing including physicochemical tests and chemical analysis
  • Instrument tests using sophisticated equipment like HPLC, ultraviolet, infra-red and gas chromatography
  • Micro-stability analysis to test sterility, product stability and area -process qualifications
  • Toxicity tests of finished products during shelf-life
  • Accelerated and real-time stability tests

Note: We also perform biocompatibility, stability and other tests on new formulations as per specific requirements of the fill-up.

Dynamic, Futuristic and Customized Formulations

Roselabs collaborates with the pharmaceutical industry not only for market-oriented innovations but also for dependable and sustainable solutions. Roselabs is engaged in the development of next generation glass and plastic Pre-fillable Syringes. These are practical and safe to use, and with our intense focus on stringent quality monitoring, are ready to revolutionize the way drugs are administered.

Pre-filled Syringe technology entails a high level of dynamism and innovation. The Roselabs Formulation & Development teams are geared up to meet the new challenges posed by this technology and its applications. Our Research team is focused on novel drug delivery systems and their safe applications that are likely to change the future of drug delivery in the world. Many of our systems have already been patented.