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Why Roselabs Pre-fillable Syringe

Quality precedes everything else in significance

At Roselabs, there is regular and rigid monitoring of manufacturing processes as well as finished product quality. Since the entire process is automated and computer controlled, there is no chance of human intervention at any level and therefore zero contamination due to touch. Our Quality control department is equipped with standardized testing equipments. We also provide a testing report with CE certification for ‘batch to batch’ supply for pre-filled syringe components.

Our Pre-filled Syringes are stringently tested on the following parameters with meticulously documented data on:

  • Extractable & leachables
  • Labels/adhesives
  • Ageing
  • Break Away and gliding forces
  • Particles

At RBL, manufacturing facilities showcase a high level of sophistication and intense monitoring. We adhere to strict norms and regulations and comply with all national and international regulations like the US FDA, MHRA, and WHO GENEVA etc.

The entire manufacturing process is automated to guarantee zero contamination. From loading of glass tubes to obtaining the final formulated syringe, there is absolutely no human intervention at any level. We make use of world class lab equipment, superior processing machines, validated cleanrooms, air handling systems and follow the best laboratory practices. With aid of our in-house R & D facility, we select the best raw materials and components for the syringes to ensure quality par excellence.

With a production capacity of 800,000 syringes per day, RBL is all set to be a global leader in its field of specialization, i.e., formulation and manufacture of exclusive Pre-filled Syringes that meet all quality standards.