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Chairman’s Message

There are two facets to creating an effective drug: The first – finding a chemical compound that has the desired therapeutic benefits with minimal side-effects and the second – delivering it to the right place in the body for it to do its job. Roselabs specializes in the second facet of this challenge, by developing path-breaking drug delivery systems, in the form of Pre-filled Syringes.

Pre-filled Syringes have actually been around for more than two decades.

The Indian market for this drug delivery system is relatively younger and less matured than its European and American counterparts. However, with the number of biologics on the rise, these valuable drugs are in constant need of newer application systems that allow for safe and effective handling and delivery. Therefore, the market potential for Pre-filled Syringes is tremendous.

Roselabs is the pioneer of revolutionizing novel drug delivery systems in India, not only for parenteral, but also for oral and nano-particle drugs. Roselabs has so far invested over USD 102 million in this project and in the next few years it is all set to be the global hub for supplying empty, formulated, glass, polymer, dual chamber Pre-filled Syringes and other innovative drug delivery systems. Our Research and Development Center is experimenting with newer polymers and the RCP that we have developed is completely unique.

One of the major challenges in developing new polymer drug delivery systems is the interaction of Pre-filled Syringes with the drug. Ultra-modern facilities for testing biocompatibility have been developed at Roselabs and success is on the way.

Roselabs and its subsidiaries are poised to play a dominant role across the globe in developing more and more hi-tech delivery systems. In the years to come, we see ourselves as world leaders in using innovation in drug delivery for the betterment of humanity.

For us, our thirst to innovate, improve and excel, propels us forward.

Mr. Pawan Agarwal,
Chairman, Roselabs Group